Baby nest – for comfortable feedings & familiar napping space

Babynests have so many useful applications – from making feedings comfortable for mum and baby, to napping in unfamiliar places and for supervised playtime. They are super practical, high quality, safe and beautiful!

The baby nest is perfect for using around the house – think of it as a little soft nest that can be used anywhere in the kitchen, living room, bedroom etc – whatever it is that you need to do during the day, just bring your baby nest with you and your baby has a perfect & familiar napping spot. The baby nest has a supportive foam padding, a solid wooden base for extra support a drawstring that allows to open and close the bottom of the babynest to add some extra length as your baby grows.

Unfamiliar places can be overwhelming – not with the baby nest

The baby nest comes in super handy when you want baby nearby whilst you’re ticking things off of your to-do list and keep the house running. Unfamiliar places can sometimes be overwhelming for babies, so having a familiar relaxing space is especially beneficial when visiting family or going travelling.  The cosy and familiar baby nest can provide comfort and peacefulness that often is a difference between a good sleep and a restless night.

East to clean & transport

The baby nest cover is removable – it has zippers so you can remove the cushioning, mattress and cardboard base and machine wash the organic cotton cover. The carry straps allow you to easily move the babynest around and the clear carry bag provides easy storage and travel opportunities.

It is important that your bub gets his or hers much needed naps and for you to still be able to do everything else that needs doing around the house while keeping your eye on your latest family member. Now, with the addition of the baby nest, it really is easier than ever before.