50 Start-ups to Look Out for in 2019!

If your character is craving for something quirky then Souled Store is the location for you. Started in June 2013, The Souled Store, a web brand promoting quirky popular culture products. They are they’re the official merchandisers for massive-budget movies , TV Shows , WWE, IPL teams. Entrepreneur India receives chatty with this quirky logo and the person Vedang Patel, the co-founder and director


Where Do You See Your Start-up a Few Years Down the Line?

Our plan is to make The Souled Store a worldwide brand for pop culture fanatics. Our growth method is two-fold. First is to boom our variety of products and provide more to our modern customer base.
Second would be to diversify our TG by means of introducing greater girls-centric products. Our eventual plan is to also transcend into children put on as it’d be an immediate extension of the entirety we do presently.
Lastly, there’s additionally the plan to open pop-up shops in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune.

What is the Biggest Risk You Have Taken as a Start-up?

Initially, one in all the most important risks we took became to stop our high-paying jobs and taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. We started out of random espresso stores in Bandra, with loose wifi (because no commercial enterprise can start without wifi). We launched the internet site with t-shirts, badges, and wall artwork, and now have greater than 17 merchandise at the internet site. Now that we appearance lower back, it seems like that plunge become well worth the effort.

It’s additionally essential to notice right here that none folks come from commercial enterprise backgrounds or had any specific information in textiles or manufacturing. However, we took that leap of religion and feature, through the years, treated various producers and providers, hustled and pushed via inside the industry, and have now reached a degree in which we’ve our own production facility.

How Does Your Startup Impact the Society at Large?

The Souled Store strongly stands for doing what you love to do and to just be yourself. We need human beings to unabashedly express themselves with none fear of judgement. So, whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or a Star Wars fan, or love and adore the Looney Tunes, our merchandise will always help you to explicit that.

Our purpose is to provide all of us something they’ll love, something they could use to explicit themselves, and, truly placed, some thing to position a smile on their face.
What is the Single Biggest Aspect That Ensures the Success of a Start-up?

The one unmarried element that ensured success for The Souled Store became, because the name shows, following your soul. We, at The Souled Store, love what we do – designs, merchandise, content, and the entirety in between.

Our designs were a key region of differentiation as our designers don’t just sincerely do the regular logos and copy paste merchandise.
For example, you may obtain an genuine Sheldon’s roommate agreement in your Big Bang Theory order that is personalized for you. You get a customized official Hogwarts popularity letter precisely like the one Harry gets however along with your call on it. Even when you call our customer support, you may be surprised whilst the decision ends with a “May The Force Be With You,” if you ordered a few Star Wars merchandise.
And that has been the secret sauce, as we trust that an amazing product and first-rate provider promises first-rate word-of-mouth advertising.

A Message for the Upcoming Start-up Founders.
My advice might be to clearly preserve going! There are going to be an countless wide variety of troubles and hurdles which you’ll stumble upon when you begin some thing of your very own. The answer is to preserve operating tougher and believe in what you do. The outcomes will display.